Auto Immune Disease

Immune,their function is for attacking pathogen that exist in your body,but what if they themselves attacking you?
what if your immune are like that?

"You have a disease called autoimmune disease" that what Dr Venkat said.

"How are you feel about that Mira,about having that disease?Don't you afraid" my friend asked.

YES,of cause I am afraid. REALLY AFRAID although my disease is not that serious like other person who are having autoimmune disease.
One evening I looked up for autoimmune disease and I found out that a person who is having one autoimmune disease may have 2 or more autoimmune disease,and I don't know why but my tears start to drop, and I really hope that I don't have more autoimmune disease.

Lately I often (not actually often but always, i mean everyday) had headaches and it REALLY HURT. It is not like dizziness or migraine but it really hurt. Like there an invisible hand pressing hardly at the back of your head.
I can't feel hungry and if yes I might have the headaches, I cannot sleep late or I might feel the pain. I cannot hardly study with my friends or else I will suffered the painful headaches

It is REALLY HURT. ONLY ALLAH know how hurt it is...and HE would not give this pain to me if I can't bear it right?

so if I CAN,I will try to bear it