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Thanks to Aishah cause she suggested me to buy the book entitle The Secret...upon this break next week,I'll certainly find the book. Yes!!!

Rhonda Byrne in her best selling book, The Secret reveals to her readers how to obtain the good life by attracting only the things in your life you want.

She tell her readers to be careful what they think about because be it good or bad they are attracting.

The thoughts will and can become things in their lives. The author says good thoughts attract good and bad thoughts attract bad because this the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is real and is operative in our lives. She compare the mind to a magnet always attracting things in our lives.

The author demostrate the law of attraction from the many stories in her book. She claim all great people have been aware of the law of attraction and this is why they were able to do great things.

Its like the book The Village Poet and Collection of Writings, the Village Poet says, "Think great thoughts and you will do great things".You only bring into your life what you think. For this is the law of the universe.

It is true people do have hidden untapped power just waiting to be used and the law of attraction will help them once they understand its power.

However, one can not but question the premise of the book if this knowledge is known by many such as Plato, Newton, Hugo, Beethoven, Linclon, Emerson, Edison, Einstein and others how can this be called a Secret?

The books on positive thinking and other New Age books are available to all who read. Perhaps the real Secret is the information is available to those who are well read or make the time to aquire new knowledge.

Rhonda Byrne best selling book is not a seret at all but to those who do not know the power of the mind and thoughts. To many people know and do not practice the knowledge but it is not a secret. There is no great secret in life that only a few know. Jesus told the world how to live and attract good things into their life in the NEW TESTAMENT.

The book The Secret seem to be promoting humanism, that man is the measure of all things and that man by his intellct can achieve success, health and wealth with out God just by relying on the law of attraction in the universe. There is no mention of God as the center of the Universe.

The author asserts in The Secret:

The Secret contain wisdom from
modern day teachers men and women
who have used the law of attraction
to achieve health, wealth and
happiness. The law of attraction
can eradicate disease.

Some even refer to book The Secret as not given Jesus the respect and credit for his teaching about faith in the Power of God and his willingness to help.
The power belong to God to change our lives to help men and not some mysterious law of attraction from the universe.

All power belong to God to change our lives and bring his blessing, love and grace to us. There seem to be an absence of God in the discussion of his laws and the impact on our live if we only keep his commandments in Deuteronomy 28:1-13.

The author refer to the law attraction as a "genie that is granting our requests" but you must believe in this power for it to work in our lives. As the author says, "we believe and then we receive". However, I note not our God responding to our prayers as an act of faith but the law of attraction according to the author.

The Secret is a book of humanism where we are told all power is in man and his thoughts manifest what we think about. Man become the captain of his destiny without God and the teaching of Christ. The law of attraction does not need God or christ to be operative in our lives just the belief in its power. Some could question a need for God and the teaching of christ in our lives bases on the law of attraction.

The author`s book The Secret can never be a substitute for the power and the word of God. The power of faith is replace by the law of attraction and God`s Will for our lives. God does not become the provider but some unknown force operating in the universe. It is the universe men must appeal to not God for health, wealth and happiness.

This form of humanism is a rejection of God as the center of the universe and his power and authority over man. It is a rejection of the faith in the word of God and depend on some law of attraction operating out of the universe. The only secret about the book The Secret is that it is not a secret anymore.

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