The Princess Man :)love it

stayed in home for almost 3 month is quite bored and had nothing to do,so I decided to watch new Korean drama  called THE PRINCESS MAN...oh man, and for the first time I watched I actually can't decided whether to finish it or not cause I don't actually like to watch period drama but guess what I DO NOT REGRET IT!!!!

it such a beautiful story,and I admitted I cry while watching it for every single episode..hahahahahahah
I really hope and pray so that my own love story would become as pure as the love story in that drama,the chemistry between Kim Seung Yu and Princess Se Ryeong is so obvious and gosh so romantic!

I never watch any drama as beautiful as this beautiful.There are my friends who also love to watch korean drama and if anyone ask me to recommend any drama, I would seriously recommend The Princess Man drama to them although some of them said they not gonna watch it cause it is period drama.yeah their opinion is same as mine before watch it..but I said to them that they will not regret it and then they watch it and they love it.
The Princess Man is about ROMEO AND JULIET Korean version..A tragic love story between the daughter of Prince Suyang and grandson of Kim Jong Seo.
And the main cast is Park Shi Ho as Kim SeungYu,

 i really love his smile..hahhah

Moon Chae Won as Princess Se Ryeong.

I’ve done watched it for almost 2 weeks now and this drama is still haunted me hahah. I always had the imagine as I am the Princess Se Ryeong. I am such a lucky person if I had the pure love from someone who I love as Kim Seung Yu.if only it happens to me…wah Alhamdulillah hahahha
I guess I can say that this is about forbidden love..oh how sad it is… I am looking forward for any drama that can free me from The Princess Man grip but for now no drama can compare the pure love in this kdrama…

 if only true love like this really existed in this world...

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