La Tahzan ;)

sometimes crying can make your heart fell at ease,
crying in bathroom,in your room,in the car(at the backseat),or wherever,
but some people don't like the others know that they are crying,

whenever your had a problem and nobody there to hold you,crying is the best solution
crying alone,oh how sad it is right?nobody even know how you felt,whether you had problems or not.

but even if there are people whom noticed that you had a problem,you don't fell like going to tell them,
let alone you faced the problem all by yourself...

how if you really need people to embrace you,hold you tightly and console you while you are crying,
but you don't even know how to tell them and they end up ignore you...

are they really know how to console people who are in sadness...???
sometimes you don't even need to know the tips to console people cause it all come from your heart...

but it is the best to cry to HIM,yeah ALLAH...and let ALLAH hear all your problem cause HE IS THE BEST to solve your problem,insya-ALLAH

and remember,even just a tiny of calmness after your crying is also the gift from ALLAH...

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