oh Physics!

tick tock,the clock never stop ticking..if one of the clock damage there still other clock working..why I'm saying this because I've been wasting my time doing unbeneficial things on this CNY break..
I'd just done my physics homework..huh Chapter 4 : Heat..form 4 lak tuh! Ok think positively Mira..9A is waiting for you..
so for not become bored doing this physics work,,I've searching for chapter 4 : heat notes on GOOGLE!
and guess what I answering all question (not exactly all but still)continuosly..I think because I'm so addictive with this black,rectangular,compaq laptop..hahahah
so satisfied with this scribd things..it really help me a lot! http://www.scribd.com/doc/1026895/Nota-Padat-Fizik-F4-heat-notes and also to the Panitia Fizik Mozac hehe..although I am not mozac student but sharing is caring .. :)

'Quitters never win and winners never quit'

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