The town Mouse and the Country Mouse

The town mouse was invited by his friend, a country mouse, to come for a visit. The fresh air was lovely and the hospitality very warm, but for the tastes of the town mouse life in the country was too simple and not very appetising.

The country mouse listened to what his friend had to say and decided to close up his own house and follow the town mouse to the city.
The town mouse's house was small and had no garden, but it was very luxurious ; marble floor,mirrors and paintings on the walls and a large cupboard, not filled with wheat and hay but dates,figs and fruit and not to mention bread,cheese and delicious cakes.
The two friends sat down to dinner and for the country mouse it was a meal fit for a king. But it was also STRESSFUL. From time to time a cat would come along or a woman would pass by or a child and the two mice would have to run and hide in a hole, with their heart in their mouth.

After this had gone on for some time, the country mouse could not stand it any more. He was pale and trembling.
'Keep your luxury and your riches',he said to his friend packing his case.
'I prefer my own way of life.It may be dull,but it is so much more peaceful than yours'
 apsal tetibe lak nak cerita pasal tikus bagai ni? sebab biasalah kat dunia ni manusia lain2 hati kan.cuma nak cakap kat sini kita janganlah kutuk kehidupan sesiapa pun,biar dia tu hidup cara dia,lainlah kalau cara hidup dia tu memang melanggar syariat ke ape ke.Tapi kalau macam tu pun,jangan lah kutuk, tak terus je kutuk (atau shall I say gelakkan)kehidupan seseorang.Macamlah life dia tu HEBAT,MASYUK,DA BOMB sangat kan..tapi walau apa pun yang penting cakap jangan serupa bikin..JANGAN BANGGA DIRI..atau lebih dikenali dalam Islam,Ujub

gossips are always hurt you know

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