let's cook!

woahaaahaaa....staying in home after finishing my school life was quite bored instead in school where there weremy friends to chat and doing some exciting stuff..but hey I found another stuff to do in HOME and guess what it is????? of course lah COOK  ...

I quite proud with all my cuisine because all of it was DELICIOUS !!! i loike!!! ALHAMDULILLAH! THANKS ALLAH! remember don't ever forget who give permission to do that thing,no one but ALLAH.

for now I can now cook Malaysian most favorite food >>> ASAM PEDAS
besides ayam goreng berempah, kari kepala ikan, sambal tumis udang,ayam masak kicap,nasi ayam (my mom recipe) telur kicap, ayam masak merah and many more.. and I gonna learn more recipe yeahh

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